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Stackable Rack

Steel stacking racks provide a convenient, economical alternative to pallet racks. These forklift enable storage racks accept pallet storage or can be used as a pallet itself.
Base allows 4-way forklift access for portability even when loaded.
Stacking racks have various capacities and are generally constructed of tubular steel.
Tubular posts allow stacking of up to (4) units high.
When stacked, storage racks eliminate load-on-load contact that causes product-crushing damage found on standard pallet racks.
Easy modular assembly, posts snap into sockets on base, no tools required.
Removable posts or foldable side design can save stock space maximum when not using.
More than 5 years working life.
Stacking rack structure:
Design the structure based on the goods type
It is removable and portable
Steel panel or wire mesh added avaible